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The Gift of Seeing Angels and Demons: A Handbook for Discerners of Spirits

This book was written for the Christian who may be experiencing spiritual activity but either doesn’t recognize it or doesn’t understand what to do with it. The Gift of Seeing Angels & Demons is the first book of its kind that addresses the spiritual gift of discerning of spirits. Dr. Susan Merritt provides meaningful insights, tools, and a fresh perspective on spiritual warfare. She explains the calling a discerner of spirits faces and instructs on protection, prayer, and recognizing advanced warning of spiritual attack.


Reformation Trilogy

During the Middle Ages there were numerous people who attempted reform in the Catholic Church. Only Martin Luther succeeded to establish lasting changes, but his reforms took him outside the Catholic system and established the Protestant system that is the basis of all Protestant denominations and movements of today. What was it that allowed Luther’s changes to continue to grow long after his death? Why were the reform attempts of people like Wyclif and Savonarola so short lived and ineffectual? This investigation into the lives and attempted reforms of a trilogy of reformers – Wyclif, Savonarola, and Luther – delves into the cultural history of their eras, seeking to find the external factors that contributed to the failure and success of each. Extensive research demonstrates compelling relationships between the obstacles and influences each had on the Church and culture of his own epoch.


Theology 365: Scriptural Truths in Daily Doses.


The Culture of Hope Founded on Faith

The Culture of Hope Founded on Faith

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